Our research team

CASTLE is a programme of research led by Professor Deb Pal at Kings College London and Professor Paul Gringras at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, with a large team of clinical and scientific experts as well as parents and young people. You can find out more about our research team, and the studies they’re involved with, by clicking on the profiles below.

Professor Lucy Bray

Lucy is involved in the Family Engagement work and also the qualitative elements of the CASTLE programme.
Bernie Carter

Professor Bernie Carter

Bernie is the lead for qualitative research.

Amber Collingwood

Amber is the Programme Manager of CASTLE.

Holly Crudgington

Holly is a research worker on the ‘CHOICE’ project.

Dr Colin Dunkley

Colin is a co-applicant, clinical advisor and contributor to the clinical trial arm of the project.

Dr Frances M Gibbon

Frances is a co-applicant, clinical advisor and contributor to the clinical trial arm of the project.
Professor Paul Gringras

Professor Paul Gringras

Paul is working on the sleep intervention and learning parts of CASTLE and also with Deb and Catrin on the main clinical trial.
Professor Harriet Hiscock

Professor Harriet Hiscock

Harriet is the co-investgator for the CASTLE study.
Dyfrig Hughes

Professor Dyfrig Hughes

Dyfrig’s role in CASTLE is lead health economist.

Dr Sam Lyle

Sam is the Family Engagement Officer (FEO) for CASTLE in southern England, working alongside the PPI team.

Rachael Martin

Rachael is the Family Engagement Officer (FEO) for CASTLE in northern England, working alongside the PPI team.

Dr Chris Morris

Chris is lead for the CHOICE project, which aims to develop a core set of outcomes for childhood epilepsy.
Professor Deb Pal

Professor Deb Pal

Deb is joint lead of the CASTLE programme and the clinical trial itself.

Dr Heather Sutherland

Heather is a research fellow working involved in the qualitative aspects of CASTLE.

Morwenna Rogers

Morwenna is the information specialist. She is involved with the ‘CHOICE’ part of CASTLE. She designs and runs database searches identifying relevant outcomes and candidate PROMS.

Dr Luci Wiggs

Luci’s main roles in the CASTLE project are helping to develop and evaluate an online intervention, specifically for parents of children with epilepsy who have sleep difficulties.

Megan Beardsmore-Rust

Megan is the management lead for the CASTLE study.
Deborah Roberts

Deborah Roberts

Deborah is a lay co-investigator & epilepsy services user.

Janet Currier

Janet has been a lay co-applicant since 2015.