Dr Sam Lyle

Sam is the Family Engagement Officer for the South of England and is based at Kings College London. Sam left active research to work with families and children to ensure that their voices are at the heart of the research process.

With two small children and with a number of voluntary roles Sam is the lesser spotted member of the CASTLE team, working part-time and often remotely from her home in Oxford. She is an avid podcast listener and is always happy to swap podcast favourites!

Role within CASTLE:

Sam is the Family Engagement Officer (FEO) for CASTLE in southern England, working alongside the PPI team.

Previous experience:

Sam is a Sociologist, gaining her MA and PhD at the University of Warwick. She recently worked at the University of Oxford Clinical Trials unit where she conducted qualitative studies that were embedded in clinical trials and was also engaged in patient, public involvement. These trials included Dementia and Physical Activity and Better Outcomes for Older People with Spinal Stenosis.  These studies focused on patient experience of living with these conditions as well as their experiences of the trial’s interventions. She also has extensive experience teaching sociology to undergraduates and health inequalities to Medical students.


  • PhD Sociology
  • MA Social Research
  • BA Politics, International Studies and Gender

Core expertise:

  • Patient and Public Involvement
  • Patient Experience
  • Social inequalities
  • Qualitative Research


  • Facilitation
  • Sociological analysis

Publications listing