Changing Agendas on Sleep, Treatment and Learning in Childhood Epilepsy (CASTLE)

The CASTLE study is about sleep and epilepsy in children.

We don’t have to tell you how important sleep is, especially for parents, but for children with epilepsy, disturbed sleep can trigger seizures and doesn’t help with concentration and behaviour the following day. Up to now there has been no standard intervention for sleep behaviour problems and nothing tailored to the specific needs of children with epilepsy and their families. Now there is – an online sleep intervention “COSI”, which we will evaluate in 110 children starting summer 2021.

Our studies

Sleep-E Clinical Trial

We have designed this clinical trial in such a way that everyone has an equal chance of trying our sleep package.


Qualitative Interview Study

In this part of the study, children and parents are asked to tell us about their experiences of living with rolandic epilepsy. We’re interested to learn about how they and their child are sleeping, and the impact of epilepsy on them and any impact on their child’s learning.


CASTLE Online Sleep Intervention – COSI

We wanted to find out, from parents, what they thought we should include or leave out of our online sleep intervention so that we could build a resource that best met their needs


Core Health Outcomes In Childhood Epilepsy – CHOICE

The Core Health Outcomes In Childhood Epilepsy (CHOICE) study is seeking consensus agreement on which outcomes are most important to measure for children with the most common type of epilepsy.



Without the generosity of people and funding bodies our research would not be possible. We acknowledge and we are very grateful to our funders and partners.