Core Health Outcomes in Childhood Epilepsy (CHOICE): protocol for the selection of a core outcome set

Core Health Outcomes in Childhood Epilepsy (CHOICE): Development of a core outcome set using systematic review methods and a Delphi survey consensus

Epilepsy-specific patient-reported outcome measures of children’s health-related quality of life: A systematic review of measurement properties

Mapping epilepsy-specific patient-reported outcome measures to a core outcome set for childhood epilepsy

Frontiers | A Qualitative Investigation Into What Parents Want From an Online Behavioural Sleep Intervention for Children With Epilepsy | Psychology (

Frontiers | Development and Evaluation of the CASTLE Trial Online Sleep Intervention for Parents of Children with Epilepsy | Psychology (

‘No one’s ever said anything about sleep’: A qualitative investigation into mothers’ experiences of sleep in children with epilepsy

The impact of parent treatment preference and other factors on recruitment: lessons learned from a paediatric epilepsy randomised controlled trial

Changing Agendas on Sleep, Treatment and Learning in Epilepsy (CASTLE) Sleep-E: a protocol for a randomised controlled trial comparing an online behavioural sleep intervention with standard care in children with Rolandic epilepsy

‘Parents/caregivers’ fears and concerns about their child’s epilepsy: A Scoping Review 

A cross-sectional survey of healthcare professionals supporting children and young people with epilepsy and their parents/carers: which topics are raised in clinical consultations and can healthcare professionals provide the support needed?

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