CASTLE Projects

Throughout the CASTLE study, we’ll work with children, parents, doctors and nurses to choose the best ways to measure health and quality of life for children with epilepsy. The research will also include talking to parents and children about their experiences in relation to sleep, taking medication, learning and how taking part in the study has impacted on them. To find out more about the studies taking place, please select form the options below.

Core Health Outcomes In Childhood Epilepsy

Core Health Outcomes In Childhood Epilepsy (CHOICE)

The Core Health Outcomes In Childhood Epilepsy (CHOICE) study found consensus agreement on which outcomes are most important to measure for children with the most common type of epilepsy. We worked with families of children with rolandic epilepsy, clinicians and other people working with children with rolandic epilepsy who participated in an online survey to select the core outcomes.

Qualitative epilepsy research study

Qualitative study

In this part of the study, children and parents are asked to tell us about their experiences of living with rolandic epilepsy. We’re interested to learn about their experiences of taking the study medication, how they/their child is sleeping, and the impact of epilepsy on them/their child’s learning.

Sleep intervention

COSI Sleep Intervention

We have created a brand new sleep intervention for children with epilepsy and their parents. This was created with the input of young people and their parents.


Sleep-E Clinical Trial

We have designed this clinical trial in such a way that everyone has an equal chance of trying our sleep package. We don’t actually know if our sleep package will actually help young people with epilepsy get to sleep, which is why we are comparing it to the standard care from your paediatrician.